In 1992 he introduces himself to the Sorbonne University in front of hundreds of spectators by reading this poem:

I hope shade separates me from day
and that out of time under the roofless sky
night shelters me where I best know how to die.

If my fate is on earth, among men
it´ll be necessary to accept in me what defined me,
´cause I do not wish to be another than myself.

My name, my face, everything that doesn´t belong to me
I give it as a fodder to the insatiable audience,
my truth I share with my folks.

I don´t live on the surface, my home is deeper
misunderstanding does not stem from me: I have nothing to hide
if I don´t know where I go, I do know whom I go with.

My share of work is to take my freedom
I say it so nobody gets amazed later on
I will struggle until I am admitted alive.

My fatherland is nameless, without flaws
there´s a truth in subversion
which will restore our scorned purity.

If I should go wrong, that would change nothing
to blow up systems is the only acceptable game,
movement is the only way to stay alive.

My love I give to the man or the woman
who will come with me on this uncertain journey
where anguish and solitude watch over.

And I won´t close my eyes nor I will lower them.