Juan Luis Martínez Life and Work

In 1992 he introduces himself to the Sorbonne University in front of hundreds of spectators by reading this poem:

I hope shade separates me from day
and that out of time under the roofless sky
night shelters me where I best know how to die.

If my fate is on earth, among men
it´ll be necessary to accept in me what defined me,
´cause I do not wish to be another than myself.

My name, my face, everything that doesn´t belong to me
I give it as a fodder to the insatiable audience,
my truth I share with my folks.

I don´t live on the surface, my home is deeper
misunderstanding does not stem from me: I have nothing to hide
if I don´t know where I go, I do know whom I go with.

My share of work is to take my freedom
I say it so nobody gets amazed later on
I will struggle until I am admitted alive.

My fatherland is nameless, without flaws
there´s a truth in subversion
which will restore our scorned purity.

If I should go wrong, that would change nothing
to blow up systems is the only acceptable game,
movement is the only way to stay alive.

My love I give to the man or the woman
who will come with me on this uncertain journey
where anguish and solitude watch over.

And I won´t close my eyes nor I will lower them.

What remains in the memory

More than a website a choice for a complete investigation is what internet users and readers interested in the poetic and visual work of Martinez have told us they require. Text and images of quality will guide us through the works of the poet.

April is the cruellest month, once affirmed the English poet T.S. Elliot, however this April 2011 is a fortunate one for Chilean poetry as it brings us the awaited launching of Juan Luis Martinez website this “Fondart” Project called “Señales de Ruta” includes a documentary produced by Khitano films which includes interviews of exceptional figures in Chilean arts and literature, the interviews will be launched weekly over the next three months, we can find the poets Juan Cameron, Sergio Madrid, Raul Zurita, Guadalupe Santa Cruz, Arturo Fontaine and Cristobal Joanon amongst others who will give us a personal and professional view about the author.

The opening of the website which will be presented on the 7th and 8th of April in Galeria D21 and La Sebastiana respectively, everything this Project involves including the site building, the systematisation of the visual and literary works of the poet, the coordination and everything else has been in charge of two women the designer Daniela Berdichevsky and Eliana Rodriguez widow of Martinez.

They are the core team of this project which has been a necessity for the literary and academic world for a long time it is now available to everyone.


To read Martínez's poetry might turn out to be rather disconcerting, or perhaps simple and entertaining for others. It has even given cause for some scientists to see in it a deep problematization of the logic, and not the poetical game that the author was aiming at

To speak about Juan Luís Martínez's poetry is to refer to fields where the visual gets mixed with the linguistic to complete a new form of expression. The words and the images manage to build themselves up to a very strong and effective communicative display which at the same time keeps the reader in a constant state of hesitation.

Furthermore, "La Nueva Novela", which has nothing of a novel about it, manages to disturb the reader by presenting this book with a title which suggests a different reading style.


Interviews will be added weekly over a three month period.
Writers, visual artists and friends of Martinez will talk about his work and life.
This week we have published an interview with Hugo Rivera
Hugo Rivera “Before the Poetry”