About Juan Luis Martínez
LIFE, WORK and what has remained in the memory.


To read Martínez’s poetry might turn out to be rather disconcerting, or perhaps simple and entertaining for others. It has even given cause for some scientists to see in it a deep problematization of the logic, and not the poetical game that the author was aiming at.

What remains in the memory

What remains in the memory

More than a website a choice for a complete investigation is what internet users and readers interested in the poetic and visual work of Martinez have told us they require. Text and images of quality will guide us through the works of the poet. April is the cruellest month, once affirmed the English poet T.S. […]

Juan Luis Martínez Life and Work

In 1992 he introduces himself to the Sorbonne University in front of hundreds of spectators by reading this poem:

Interviews will be added weekly over a three month period.
Writers, visual artists and friends of Martinez will talk about his work and life.
This week we have published an interview with Hugo Rivera
Hugo Rivera “Before the Poetry”