The New Novel

Juan Luis Martinez, a poet who in the late 70’s and early 80’s burst onto the scene with rupturist, sceptical and iconoclastic poetry, misunderstood by the media and rejected by more than one editor. Juan Luis Martínez, took eight years to finish The New Novel

Each of the parts of the new novel can be considered as a whole, because each one of them constitutes a poem; but at the same time they are all fragments of the whole which is the book itself, it is built on its contents as a reference system, which operate permanently in all directions.
It is striking that the humour present in the poetry of “The new novel” is confused with notions of scientific thought, an appreciation refuted by the author himself, who defends the humour of his poems claiming that an association to the sciences would be restrictive. But its nearness to the scientific language is clear, the poet relies on topics such as: space and time, algebra, psychology, geography and logic.

To read Martínez’s poetry might turn out to be rather disconcerting, or perhaps simple and entertaining for others. It has even given cause for some scientists to see in it a deep problematization of the logic, and not the poetical game that the author was aiming at. To speak about Juan Luis Martínez’s poetry is to refer to fields where the visual gets mixed with the linguistic to complete a new form of expression. The words and the images manage to build themselves up to a very strong and effective communicative display which at the same time keeps the reader in a constant state of hesitation.
Furthermore, “La Nueva Novela”, which has nothing of a novel about it, manages to disturb the reader by presenting this book with a title which suggests a different reading style.